Dan Foreman-Mackey

I'm a graduate student at NYU working on next generation astronomical data analysis under the supervision of David W. Hogg. When I'm not writing code, I'm probably climbing rocks somewhere. Take a look at my C.V. or scroll down to read about some of the projects that I'm working on.


My main research interest is the application of probabilistic data analysis techniques to interesting datasets in astronomy. These days, I'm mostly working with Kepler data; everything from the raw pixel values to catalog level inferences. I'm also interested in the development of scientific software and open-source practices.

Selected Papers


Most of my job involves writing scientific software. All of it lives on my GitHub account and some of the highlights are listed here:

  • emcee — Kick-ass MCMC sampling in Python. See the paper.
  • George — Blazingly fast Gaussian processes for regression. Implemented in C++ and Python bindings. See the paper.
  • triangle.py — Simple corner plots (or scatterplot matrices) in matplotlib.
  • kplr — Python bindings to the MAST Kepler API.
  • Daft — Pixel-perfect probabilistic graphical models using matplotlib.


Outside of work, I also make silly things on the internet. Here are some of them: